Accommodation Costs

A fee of $100 USD per week is to be paid by every volunteer. (ie. 1 week, 2 weeks, or more. A discount is provided for any stay of 3 weeks or more). ½ of the accommodation costs are due when dates are determined; and the other ½ is due 2 weeks before your arrival.

This fee ($100 USD) covers your hostel/hotel stay and daily breakfast. A packed lunch and travel to your individual project is available for a small fee (most volunteer projects are within walking distance).

Other Options to NOTE:

  • A public kitchen is available to prepare your own snacks and meals.
  • Upgrade accommodation is also available at additional cost.
  • A personal chef is available for dinner preparation at a minimal fee.


Registration Fee

A registration fee of $50 USD covers the preparation work done for your trip before you arrive. This fee is required with your application if you are accepted. There may be a conflict with dates or projects you have selected.  If your dates/project selection is open you would automatically be accepted and the registration fee would be due.

Many hours are spent coordinating and perfecting your volunteer work and any additional adventures you wish to have while you are here. Additional information will be available with your information package.

We welcome skilled (or unskilled) volunteers in two areas including: Education and Community development.


Volunteer for Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Community Development:

Volunteer for Building a Toilet and/or a Kitchens for families that do not have one. We also repair/rebuild fences or housing where it is needed.

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